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Design process

Design Process with Marlene Hudson Interior Design

We employ a 10 step process moving through your property to provide a detailed plan of attack. 

Every aspect of the design process is given careful consideration and attention – everything from the front gate to the outdoor space


Meet to gain an understanding of the job. This is an opportunity to meet each other and be comfortable that we will work together harmoniously and I truly want to understand what you want from me.

Service Agreement

You will receive a service agreement outlining my understanding of the scope of the project and fees.


A questionnaire will be sent to you to complete,  its size varies depending on project size. Once completed this provides everyone with clarity on the key objectives – what you like and what you don’t.


We meet again to present and discuss the plans and design concept. 


Time is provided for you to digest and consider the plans and design concept.


Changes may be made to the plan and concept based on your feedback.


Your plans will be finalised and specifications confirmed. 


We then meet in person to discuss the questionnaire and make sure there is no confusion.


Supplier Quoting

Suppliers may be provided with your plans to prepare quotes depending on your requirements.

I formulate a plan and gather samples to create a design concept.

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