Who Is

Marlene Hudson?



Drawing upon 15 years’ experience in the interior design industry and over 20 years in professional services, I am well versed in what it takes to transform your aspirations into functional, future proof spaces. Born of a dressmaker and spending my early career in the corporate world, I cut my teeth in project management, process improvement and customer service. 

During my time as an interior designer, I have cultivated a design process that ensures that a space reflects those who occupy it. I am motivated by the constant variety the design world presents. No two projects are ever the same. 

From my mother’s hand, crafting individual handmade dresses, I came to appreciate bespoke design. In today’s banausic design world, the need for unique homes and spaces is essential.  Using a 10 step design process with a questionnaire that uncovers what it is you want to achieve, I apply proven methods to materialise your dreams.  To hear many years down the track that a client hasn’t changed any aspect of a space I designed is deeply satisfying.


Boasting innumerable clients in both the residential and business/commercial space, I thrive off challenge and variety. Drawing upon experience with problem solving, I enjoy solving client frustrations and finding solutions that fit. I look forward to enabling, inspiring and walking with you on your design journey.