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The kitchen brief for this renovation was to increase the number and size of all the appliances - common request, nowadays. The house didn’t increase in size so our design borrowed some space from the dining area.  This enabled us  to create a dedicated ‘baking zone’ which will form fantastic memories with  the grandees' - as in, lick clean the bowls.

With our understanding ergonomics we included as many drawers as possible, and used BLUM’s servo-drive systems on overhead cupboards, which have loads of platter storage compartments.

This  relaxed country kitchen is enhanced with timeless elements such as; butlers sink, raw brass mixer, reeded glass and pressed tin. We are really pleased with how successful our design for a slide out shelf is for  the baking appliances, knowing that this will save back strains.

With the bathroom design we removed the wall which had separated the shower from the main area, in order to create a walk in shower with two shower heads.  We increased storage for this room by including a recessed mirror cabinet as well as wide drawers in the custom vanity. We feel that the oversized basin and gorgeous light above the mirror are the heroes in this room.

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