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This home is positioned in a stunning location with 360 degree water views. The house is filled with natural light and views that one can never tire of. Over the decades this home has been adapted by multiple owners to suit their needs, it would be fair to say some of the alterations weren't done well.


The current custodians asked us to work with them to improve the functionality of the kitchen and bathroom  and emphasised that they wanted the references to the Art Deco era.


With a considered approach we have included materials and finishes that are both timeless and in keeping with the architecture. Our approach to light fittings drew reference on the glamor we saw in the 1930's with the introduction of moving pictures, air travel and Hollywood parties. 

The planning phase of this project took the better part of 12 months, with work on site taking the same length of time. We connected this client with a builder who we felt would deliver the quality finishes and attention to detail they desired.

The finished project will now enable these owners to enjoy nature and hosting their extended family.



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