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The Law Shop

We sought help from Marlene to design a concept for reception / meeting room areas when moving to a new building, after thinking about what we wanted and really having no idea where to start.


When discussing our design brief / goals we found that Marlene was on to it immediately. She got what we were trying to express, asked the right questions and made us really think about what we wanted.


The experience of developing our design concept was easy! Although we are completely different people with different likes and dislikes, Marlene was able to work through all of that to come up with a concept we both loved.


The knowledge that Marlene has about products and also her industry connections when sourcing items for our concept was spot on. We have some beautiful features in our areas that only came about because of Marlene’s knowledge of who to go to!


We chose to retain Marlene’s services during our project while construction was in progress and found this to be the perfect time as she was able to make suggestions about construction aspects that ultimately worked well.


Communication with us during work was always prompt. We emailed a lot, and always got responses in a good timeframe.


Marlene’s focus on a quality finish and her attention to detail means that we are VERY happy with the finished project. It has held up well since the work was done and we still love it.


We feel that involving Marlene with the design has given us a stylish, cohesive result with some special features.


We would describe Marlene’s personality and professionalism as delightful! Working with Marlene is always lovely as she is a great person.


I would definitely use Marlene again. I have watched people try to do this all themselves and it takes FOREVER as there are so many choices.

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