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It's important to make a great first impression and provide a pleasant environment for your customers. For this practice we have created a welcoming, colourful, retro inspired area for orthodontic patients and family to enjoy.


We have layered this interior space with pattern, colour and sourced preloved furniture that fits this retro design theme. The fabrics used in reception are hard wearing and will stand up to the hundreds of visitors they will seat weekly. 

Adding strength to the retro design scheme, we sourced art that incorporates the colour palette that started with the reception fabrics and front desk finishes. 

With increasing research into what makes a healthy, productive work space, plants are now included in reception – these particular plants are great at filtering toxins found in fabrics, carpets, cleaning products and purifying the air.

The ceiling lights in reception use electrical conduit between them, this forms a unique light piece. The hub and spoke pattern was inspired by the wallpaper, both elements reference 'orthodontic braces and wires'.   

The original '70's kitchen received a fresh coat of paint which now contrasts nicely against the Chev orange radiator.

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