laundry DESIGN


Often an afterthought, yet critical to a functional home, the laundry will likely see just as much use as your bathroom. 

If well designed, your laundry can be a space where chores become something to look forward to doing in this room.


As a multi purpose room, it can often become an area for pets, a space for drying clothes and a place to store cleaning equipment / products. It is critical that cupboards and cubby holes are at ergonomic heights and placement is specific to to your needs. 

We discuss your habits and how you would want your laundry to work. If designed with its intended use in mind, the room will work well for you.


You will be rewarded with a room that you enjoy being in, while doing chores.

Service Breakdown 

Plans (floor plan, elevations and 3D) of proposed design

Specification including fittings, hardware

Samples / images of product recommendations


The above can be used by builders and sub trades

If any appliances are required you will receive a VIP referral card to be quoted for appliances at discounted rates.