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Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Rotorua

Your kitchen will be the heart of your home - it's a central room in today's open plan houses, where we gather in to eat and socialise in. Our aim when designing this room is to produce a functional, welcoming and visually pleasing space to look at from nearby rooms.

Detailing and designing your new kitchen falls outside your architect's scope - we can bridge the gap between your plans and your joiner, by creating a kitchen design that is both functional and visually pleasing.


We discuss how you bake/cook and work in your kitchen; what you use, and when. What is it you look forward to doing when in this space? Every detail is important, as the details can make your kitchen unique.

We look at  planning the space to optimise how to store items, to make sure you have bench space for all of the daily activities you do, and how to compliment your interior style throughout the rest of your home.   

We also give careful thought on how best to layout the kitchen cabinets and consider what needs to be hidden behind doors, and if you need display areas.

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