Contact Marlene Hudson Design to assist you with the multiple decisions that need to be made when renovating or building a new home. Using the expertise of our designers will save you time and money as we are aware of the options available that will suit both your budget and lifestyle.

When undertaking a commission Marlene looks closely at the house and takes photos before mulling over different design ideas. "It often involves me working on something physical ie gardening while things are ticking over in my mind. I treat each clients project as though it is my own place. I approach jobs with absolute passion each time."

Design is an evolutionary process, developing from a set of client driven objectives. The initial stage of any project includes meetings to discuss needs, confirmation of a brief, gathering information that focuses on the project and site, developing and refining the potential concepts through to working drawings and visiting furniture manufacturers. 

Getting the best quality job means you should hire the best people. 


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