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Black and white colour schemes never offend, never date and offer great impact! This kitchen renovation meant we had to negotiate with the homeowners to take some room from the dining area and give it to the kitchen. This allowed us to fit in a larger fridge, two under bench dishwashers, a bigger wall oven and  a display area for sentimental family items. This kitchen can now accommodate multiple people working in it at the same time, without bumping into each other.

We planned for sufficient bench space for the bakers, the cooks, the coffee drinkers and the socialiser's, as this family can have 20+ people at events. 

Using a glossy finish to the black cabinets makes light bounce around the room to make the space appear big and bright, and the veining on the benchtop is a stunner. 

We felt it important to have lots of bench space for dishes and work zones, and are pleased to say that walking into this space gives us motivation to bake up a storm. 

We are really pleased how this kitchen update not only looks good but also has durable products so that this family can enjoy it for many years to come. 



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