Bathroom design

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Your bathroom is an investment; like any investment, you want to see it work for you. We take great pride in providing bathroom designs that will stand the test of time, and cope with the heavy use that these rooms see. 

Detailing and designing your new bathrooms falls outside your architect's scope and being the smallest room in the home, it is critical that this space is maximised without compromising its look. We can walk you through all of the decisions that need to be made about fittings and finishes. 


We apply individuality to each design, as well as relying on trusted ergonomics and spatial awareness principles, so that you are left with both an aesthetically pleasing, and functional room. 

Being the first place you see in the morning and the last at night, you deserve a space that is relaxing yet refreshing, inviting yet practical, one the reflects you and your home. 

Service Breakdown 

Plans (floor plan, elevations and 3D) of proposed design

Specification including fittings, accessories – minimum of two options per product

Samples / images of product recommendations


The above can be used by builders and sub trades

If a tiled shower or waterproof membrane is involved additional fees to seek building consent are involved

You will be able to purchase the tapware and fittings at Marlene Hudson Design trade prices