wardrobe service

As Benjamin once said “A place for everything, everything in its place”. 

Nothing describes so well the purpose of a well-designed wardrobe. While the humble closet may not be high on your priority list, a well thought through wardrobe can ensure a bedroom and house that remains clutter free without sacrificing space.

Whether it be a large walk in wardrobe or a more modest corner cupboard, we walk you through the design possibilities ensuring it works well with, and compliments all other aspects of your home. 

Service Breakdown 

Plans (floor plan and 3D) with concept of wardrobe including space for linen storage.

Specification including fittings, accessories.

1 meeting (up to 45 min) to discuss the designers ideas.

Revision to plan and specification (equating to no more than 2hrs) can be requested before an hourly rate.


Tel: 027 525 4677

Email: marlene@marlenehudsondesign.co.nz

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