Kitchen service

Your kitchen will be the heart of your home. 

We design to produce you a functional yet welcoming space. A kitchen must work for you – to achieve this, we discuss how you create, move and operate in a kitchen; what you use and when. 

Every detail of a kitchen design is taken into consideration. 

We look at what utensils and kitchenware you have, how you can best access it and how it will compliment your style. 
Whether it be large open plan benches or modular and space conscious.


Service Breakdown 

Plans (floor plan, elevations and 3D) of proposed design
Specification including fittings, accessories, internal hardware
The above can be used by kitchen joiners / builders to quote for supply and install

Samples / images of product recommendations
1 meeting (up to 90 min) to discuss the designer’s ideas

We can arrange an appointment to visit the BLUM showroom in Auckland so that they can set up your kitchen, on a scale 1 : 1 with their ‘test drive’ cabinets

Revision to plan and specification (equating to no more than 2hrs) can be requested before an hourly rate applies

You will received a VIP referral card to visit Kitchen Things, Hamilton to then be quoted VIP prices for appliances. There is no margin added to the items purchased using this VIP referral card.


Tel: 027 525 4677


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