Design is about assessing the space and its purpose and then organising the elements and products in such a way that the home owners personality and lifestyle is catered to. Being a member of The Designers Institute of New Zealand (member 5280) is a clear statement that we value the design profession.

Your home is your haven and you will have emotionally connected to the space - it's were we rest, relax and entertain. 

With todays busy lifestyle when you do get time at home you need to feel as comfortable as possible and love your surroundings. We will maximise how each room is used and ensure that the house is used to its fullest potential for how you live. 

  • Kitchen design
    A well planned kitchen is a pleasure to use. There is a huge focus on creating functional, ergonomic and visually stunning kitchens that meet the needs of the people who live in the house. It is also advisable, to store items in the area that you will use them so that things are at your finger tips.

  • Bathroom design
    It goes without saying that we use the bathroom to clean ourselves, but what we also need to be reminded of, is that while we use this space we want it to be enjoyable

  • Window treatment
    Curtains, roman blinds, timber blinds, shutters … There are many options on how to create privacy and retain warmth in your home our expert knowledge and access to varying suppliers means that we can find the right product for your windows

  • Furniture, Lighting, Headboards, Bedware and Accessories
    We deal directly with NZ manufacturers and suppliers to be able to source the right product for your home and budget. After meeting with you to establish a brief and budget we can propose items that meet your needs and design style

  • Interior and Exterior colour scheme
    What is the right colour for your home? How will the colours look with your location and how will they act with the elements?

  • Complete design service
    Our complete design service transforms ideas and dreams into reality. It is critical that we build a rapport and understanding of your goals during the initial design process as this enables the project team to deliver the results you are expecting.

My definition of good design

 “A space that functions unbelieveably well!
It should include elements that create an interesting and engaging environment, which reflects the clients personality and lifestyle. ”

We can recommend the best solutions and products for your project. We know what's available, what works and what doesn't, so we won't overwhelm you with a multitude of options.

- Marlene Hudson

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