If you are building or planning a large renovation for your interior the first products I normally choose is the floor - carpet, tiles, wood etc  

There are less colour options with carpet than any other product and as flooring is one of the more expensive decisions and an area that you generally only replace every 15-20 years, I recommend you use it as your platform for the entire scheme. 

However, I have been known to break this rule if something else is more important, say, a gorgeous fabric or artwork.



Kitchens and Bathrooms

The smallest rooms in a house are the most expensive to decorate. Yes I am talking about kitchens and bathrooms.

By the time you add up the cost of your joiner, plumber, tiler, builder, painter, gib stopper, lights, fittings etc you can spend anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000+ on either of these rooms.

Plan them wisely!!! it is unlikely that you won't redo either room any sooner than once every 15 years.

White and wood vanities in bathrooms are always timeless. Protect painted walls with splash backs and around the bath.

White or wooden cupboards in kitchens are again timeless teamed with black or white bench tops. And contrary to popular belief a black granite bench top shows all the finger and water marks!! Whereas white is more forgiving.


Choosing colours

As a general rule (which designers sometimes break) we should take our queue from nature.  From the ground up ...

earth is the darkest colour = flooring

trees are lighter than the earth = wall 

the sky is the brightest and lightest = ceiling

If you are trained it is possible to deviate from this recipe but it will adjust the size and feeling of the space.




I personally love colour, it gives me energy and makes a room look alive.

People have become scared to use it and feel compelled to make everything neutral.

I advise clients to use neutral tones with their floor and for residential homes I think kitchens and bathrooms fittings also need to be relatively neutral but paint, fabric, art, furniture, cushions and linen are things that beg for colour!

Don't copy magazine images - trust your instincts and be honest with yourself about what is your favourite color and use it. I even encourage clients to use secondary colours to enhance the effect of their favourite colour.


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