Complete design service

Complete design service

Our complete design service transforms ideas and dreams into reality. It is critical that we build a rapport and understanding of your goals during the initial design process as this enables the project team to deliver the results you are expecting.

Design is an evolutionary process, developing from a set of client driven objectives (those are your ideas and vision of what you want to happen). The initial stage of any project includes meetings to discuss needs, confirmation of a brief, gathering information that focuses on the project and site, developing and refining the potential concepts through to working drawings and visiting furniture manufacturers. 

Our philosophy is to work openly and collaboratively with all  parties involved in your project from the outset. In our experience this results in a successful outcome every time.

As part of our design process we manage a high level of detail. We ensure all relevant infomation is documented, in the form of finishes and schedules, this is distributed within the construction team, keeping everyone informed on the status of the design works throughout the project.

We also liaise with other consultants to make sure the suggestions we are making on specific fittings and finsihes will work within the overall design from a construction perspective, not just aesthetically, before proposing them to you. We beleive the technical aspect is as equally important to the overall success of the project and we have the knowledge and experience to consider these elements. 

Once we have finalsied the project scope and objectives, we seek quotes from suppliers and trades in order to gain an understanding of the projected cost versus budget.

You also have the option to retain our services to manage the project implemenation, which means; meet with contractors on site to give direction on what needs to be done and monitor their work, ensuring a quality finish. We can then also manage the flow of information to and from you.

Let's face it, everyone who has built or renovated has at some time or another, commented that it is stressful. Our involvement during construction helps shoulder the stress as we understand the the jargon used on site and have experience to navigate through issues as they arise. 

Getting the best quality job means you should hire the best people. You can sit back and enjoy the progress with miniminal stress.

Other services available

  • Residential + commercial projects
  • Construction support while work happens on locaiton 
  • Kitchen + bathroom design
  • Specifications of materials + colours for interior/exterior projects
  • Spatial planning
  • 3D drawings of concepts
  • Conceptual design
  • Supply of furniture + furnishings
  • Bespoke cushions + headboards + bedware
  • Broad range of fabric + wallpaper collections
  • Design of window treatments + custom made blinds + shutters
  • Project manager of manufacturing + installation of furniture + window treatments

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