Kitchen design

Kitchen design

A well planned kitchen is a pleasure to use. We focus on creating functional, ergonomic and visually stunning kitchens that meets the needs of the people (that's you) who live in the house. 

Detailing and designing your kitchen falls outside your architect's scope and not every joiner an eye for design - we understand that you want a kitchen specifically designed just for you.

The plan we create will interpret your ideas and consider how best to style the kitchen so that it sits well with other architectural elements in your home.

Our service also means you don't need to invest unnecessary time researching various options on the market, or waste time going from showroom to showroom to speak to a multitude of different people, each with different ideas and interpertation of your wishlist - that's likely to cause confusion and doubt in your mind, with too many cooks in the kitchen.

Working with us for all your interior requirements (kitchen, bathroom, crutains, colours) eliminates the pressure of last minute decisions that may be needed by your builder, electrician, plumber, tiler or joiner. You can therefore make confident decisions knowing that you have a professional / qualified designer managing all of your needs.

The plans and specification we create on your behalf will enable the builder and joiner to translate your dreams into reality.

This service will provide you with;

  • kitchen design to manufacturing detail 
  • 3D drawings of finished design
  • Full specification including hardware, materials, accessories and appliances (if needed)   


The process is ....

  • We meet to discuss your intended new kitchen in your existing home or new home
  • I gather a design brief from you to understand your goals and objectives, likes and dislikes as well as gaining insight to whether you need zones for baking, entertaining, a wine fridge and how the new kitchen materials needs to perform
  • I will create a design concept that we meet and discuss, this information is left with you to fully digest the proposed design, colours and lighting suggestions
  • We meet to discuss any changes you feel are needed (this may involve more than one revision)
  • When everyone is happy that we have the best design a full set of plans are produced. These enables the quoting process to begin

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