Bathroom design

Bathroom design

It goes without saying that we use the bathroom to clean ourselves, but what we also need to be reminded of, is that while we use this space we want it to be enjoyable and we have all heard horror stories of damage caused by water in bathrooms.

Detailing and designing your new bathroom falls outside your architect's scope and whilst you may have the best plumber on the job, they may not have design skills. That's were we can help you and working with one design company for all your interior requirements eliminates any chance of decisions falling through the gaps.

Our service also means you don't need to invest unnecessary time doing research by visiting showroom, after showroom, to find out what's available and then try to work out what the differences are between each brand.

We know what's available, what works and what doesn't, so we won't overwhelm you with a multitude of options. You can therefore make confident decisions knowing that you have a professional designer managing all of your project.

It is also vital that the correct amount of space is allocated for human movement in order for the room to be truely functional - we know about spatial planning.

This service will provide you with;

  • bathroom design to manufacturing detail 
  • 3D drawings of finished design
  • Full specification including fittings, materials, accessories 


The process is ....

  • We meet to discuss your intended new bathroom in your existing home or new home
  • I gather a design brief from you to understand your goals and objectives, likes and dislikes as well as gaining insight to how many people use each room and how often. Consideration is also given to materials needs to perform and how long you want this room to last before it needs redoing
  • I will create a design concept that we meet and discuss, this information is left with you to fully digest the proposed design, colours and lighting suggestions
  • We meet to discuss any changes you feel are needed (this may involve more than one revision)
  • When everyone is happy that we have the best design a full set of plans are produced. These enables the quoting process to begin


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