Tikitere renovation

Tikitere renovation

When working with these clients we catered their request for larger / bigger appliances by making the dividing wall between the kitchen and family room a bit bigger. This allowed all tall units to be along one wall and heaps of bench space around the sink, cooktop and island.

The flooring product used is a lime based vinyl plank that is suitable in areas that are prone to getting water on the floor. In this household its also practical for their labrador dog - no scratches and easy to clean.

The black cabinets provide striking contrast to the walls and in a glossy finish they are easy to keep looking clean and the White Attica composite bench top is a striking contrast. 

By moving the pantry we were able to fit in two dishdrawers that are both installed under the bench - this was intentionally done for ergonomic benefit of sore backs. We consider catering to body aches and age related stiffness key when planning a new kitchen layout.

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