Salt spray, geothermal gases, calcium, lime and iron in water ......

Salt spray, geothermal gases, calcium, lime and iron in water ......

Salt spray, geothermal gases, calcium, lime and iron in water can all tarnish / discolour bathroom products

It goes without saying that we use the bathroom to clean ourselves, but what we also need to be reminded of, is that the products we choose to install in this room need to cope with the environment and daily demands we place on the rooms.

There are multiple brands available, some from DIY stores, others from plumbing stores and some brands have their own showrooms. Are you choosing the best product for your budget and location? If you live in an area that has either sea spray or geothermal gases you need something that won’t tarnish, and if you have bore water you need to be mindful of the iron content in your water supply.

Only a few brands have a warranty against tarnishing and not every tap has a quality ceramic disk to remain ‘drip free’. Some products are stainless steel, but what grade is the metal?

Some fittings are made in china then tested in NZ, and some are made and tested in Italy, Germany or England; do you perceive a difference in quality depending on where items are made? Will this influence your decision?

Whilst a $99 basin mixer might look similar to a $349 basin mixer made by the same company are they both made in the same country with identical parts? Is the cartridge and chrome finish of the same quality on both, and how long is the warranty? What support will you get if something goes wrong after installation? Should your shower mixer develop a leak, can the parts be changed once you have tiled the wall without the expense of having to retile?

To renovate a bathroom is neither a cheap or quick project. As a general guide a basic bathroom renovation in New Zealand is likely to cost in the region of $10,000 - $20,000.

If you’re planning to tile a bathroom using mid-range products, you are likely to spend somewhere between $25 - $35,000. This a very general guide; as costs will vary depending on whether you need to move existing plumbing and how much of the room you tile.

High end bathroom renovations will likely cost in the range of $35,000 to 65,000+. In higher-end renovations, walls are typically tiled from floor to ceiling, have bespoke custom-made vanities allowing you to customize the design to suit your space, freestanding baths and surround sound with TVs.

The ‘hottest’ product on the market to keep bathrooms nice and warm is under floor heating – this can even be installed to your walls. This small luxury has become popular in many homes, and it’s one of the small pleasures that most people wouldn’t want to miss if there is a possibility that you will be in the house as you get older - standing on cold tiles in the middle of the night is not pleasant.

Detailing and designing your new bathroom falls outside your architect's scope and whilst you may have the best plumber and builder on the job, they may not have design skills or know of all the options available as their suppliers might only deal with a handful of brands.

 That's were we can help you; and working with one design company for all your bathroom requirements eliminates any chance of decisions falling through the gaps. We can also review the plan to assess if the correct amount of space has been allocated for human movement and if sightlines are focusing on the best feature within the room.

Our designs are created with your budget in mind and a genuine focus that finishes and products perform as well as they look and that the practicalities of day-to-day life are met.

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Posted: Mon 22 Feb 2016