Pantone colours forecasted for 2016

Pantone colours forecasted for 2016

Last month Pantone announced that the forecasted 'trend colours for 2016' would be Rose Quartz and Serenity. Social media has had comments about these colours with groups divided into extreme haters and those that welcome the inclusion, for the first time of two colours.

But what does it really mean? 

If designers adopt this forecast then shoes, bedding, makeup and accessories will be seen in these shades. Predominantly its the fashion industry that take the most notice of this forecast rather than car manufacturers and graphic designers but it will be interesting where we see these two colours in 2016

For interiors the colours can easily be integrated in shabby chic and scandanivaian themes and I have noticed linen in these shades for the past six months

Vogue and fashion blogger, Mariel Sacco have demonstrated in these links how easily the colours work on magazine covers and accessorising clothes with handbags, nail polish ....…/wh…/2015/12/pantone-colours-of-2016…/how-to-wear-rose-quart…/

What are your thoughts?

Posted: Thu 21 Jan 2016