Fresh looks for spring/summer bedlinen

Fresh looks for spring/summer bedlinen

These designs started as hand drawn and hand painted artwork, each piece was lovingly designed wtih meticulous attention to detail before being fabricated by master craftwpeople. Adorned and finished with needleowrk or fabric embellishments the skills to create these pieces have been handed down from generation to generation. These individual labours of love will last many generations and keep your bed dressed with timeless beauty that will create a wonderful feeling each time you enter your bedroom - how divine to retire to your bed each night and be greeted with a well dressed bed.

This new collection consists of contemporary bouquet prints, hand stitched embellished bedspreads, velvet comforters and and cushions, knitted throws and table linen.

Now is the time to update your bedlinen with the change of season and with the festive season approaching you might also be tempted with new linen .... Contact us for details

Knitted throws


Table linen


Duvet covers


Bedcovers, comforters, cushions


Posted: Tue 18 Nov 2014