Beautiful wool flannel weaves

Beautiful wool flannel weaves

Designed for extremely stylish upholstery or luxurious curtains and suited to both modern or more traditional interiors. Characterfully woven, this is a wool for all seasons be your taste twill or tweed.

Not only is wool great for your home in winter, but due to its balanced thermal insulation properties, it is warm in winter and cool in summer!

In addition to its superior warmth and comfort, there are many other unique properties of wool. Wool is one of the safest fibres to have in the home. The composition of wool means it has a naturally high resistance to flame and heat. It breathes well, prevents dampness and adverse temperatures.

Wool’s natural anti-bacterial properties also minimise allergens, as it naturally resists bacteria, mould and mildew that can trigger allergic reactions.

Wool is naturally anti-static, repelling lint, dirt, and dust from its surface, keeping it much cleaner for longer. When it does need cleaning, wool fabrics clean easily because the outside surface of the wool fibre consists of a series of overlapping scales (similar to the feathers on a bird), which means that dirt sits on the surface of the fibre, making it easy to remove with a simple vacuuming.

Wool has excellent durability and will perform exceedingly well under constant wear.

Colours include: cobalt, marine, smoke, indigo, ocean, turquoise, duck egg, stone, chalk, noir, lemongrass, charcoal, violet, heather, dewberry, moss, fuchsia, peony, cocoa, zinnia, pebble, pimento

Sold by the meter at $170pm.

Posted: Wed 05 Nov 2014