How tidy are you?

How tidy are you?

The human body has been designed in a symmetrical way. If you draw a line from the middle of your forehead down to your toes you will find that the left side is a mirror image of whats on the right side.

We are used to seeing things in pairs and with symmetrical balance. Often our interiors are organized in the same way.

Take this image for example. the bedside lamps mirror each other as do the footstools. Symmetrical balance was used by most classical architects as things were ordered and 'just so'

Its very easy for this design principal to feel 'stiff' and 'uncomfortable' as when something is out of place it makes the room feel messy. Is the hat on the footstool doing your head in? Do you feel a need to put it away so that this room looks tidy again?

Today, with New Zealands casual lifestyle do you think that an orderly, symmetrical interior suits most homes???

Posted: Mon 18 Nov 2013