Exterior colours

Exterior colours

More and more houses being renovated or repainted are having darker paint colours applied to them, but its not just a simple case of any colour you like, will work.

Some exterior finishes and products will heat up too much if the paint colour is too dark. Timber weatherboards don't like paint colours that are lower than 40% LRV and example of a colour that falls into this catagory is 'black' or 'dark chocolate'. 

Plaster finishes also have a cut of LRV number before the supplier says that the heat transferred from the paint finish will cause cracks as the paint heats up and cools down.

LRV is an indicator that all paint companies provide which indicates the 'light reflective value' of each colour. 

This is helpful when choosing colours for the interior also, to make sure rooms won't feel dark and gloomy.

So next time you are choosing a colour, ask for help - you not only want to make sure it looks good, but you also need to be confident that the colour won't harm your substrate and for interiors you also need to consider how much natural light will be in the room.

Posted: Fri 13 Sep 2013