Curtain linings

Curtain linings

When updating or purchasing new curtains for your home consider the linings.

A good lining will protect your furnishings and improve durability of the curtain fabric by adding body to the drape, it will also help prevent mildew, insulate the room, reduce the noise from outside, and some will 'black out' the room

Using a separate lining will create an air pocket between the fabrics which performs better than thermal linings.

When a client asks for my advice, I recommend a coloured, black out, fire retardant lining as it gives the drape body, extra noise reduction, extra insulation, is mildew resistant and being a black out it is perfect for shift works, small children and people who like to sleep in a dark room. I also like to choose a colour that works well with the fabric and I consider the appearance of that colour from the exterior of the house

The length of a curtain should also be carefully considered - 'short pants' are not cool and that also applies to 'short curtains' - roman blinds with a chain control would be my preferred option if a full length drape is not practical

When you are looking at fabrics, the strongest and most insulating fibres are - hemp, linen, then cotton and man made filbres. Don't be scared to use natural materials, they are good for insulation, fading and insulation.

Posted: Fri 23 Aug 2013