Commercial building wins awards

Commercial building wins awards

Marlene worked alongside us during the design and construction of Timberlands office building in Rotorua. Her primary tasks were to select interior and exterior colours, internal finishes and fittings for the building.

Marlene worked closely with the clients and ourselves while making her selections. Time was often an important factor as some of the choices had to be made during construction. In this aspect Marlene performed well. Her communication was effective and efficient.

In this commercial situation it was imperative that the interior choices were made in a way which allowed for flexibility and efficiency of the work environment. Marlene acheived this and her colour choices, particularly in the reception and kitchen areas, also helped to create interesting spaces for staff and clients.

Marlene fulfilled her brief completely and with professionalism. Her decisions complemented the architecture and concept of the building resulting in an extremely satisfactory result for our client.

We were very pleased with her work and would be happy to work with Marlene on any future projects.

Aladina Harunani, Opus Architecture, Rotorua