The brief from this client was to incorporate her love of colour in the family bathroom and create a luxurious feeling in the master bedroom and its new ensuite.

The tiles used in each room add interest with their various patterns and textures and both bathrooms will look stunning for many years as durability and practically were factored when choosing each element.  

Both rooms have LED extrusion lighting, on dimmer switches which allow the light levels to be adjusted - dim them down low, if you want a long relaxing soak in the spa bath or brighten them when applying makeup.


 In the master bedroom we have created interested with different fabrics, each stunning in it's own right - the custom headboard anchors the room and the wall lights have two LED bulbs - one for general light and the other is discreetly placed at the end of the wand, which moves, so you can read with good light while your partner is sleeping.


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